Kitchen Trade Services

Just Bring your plans and save money!

Board cutting and edging

CNCWe cut MDF sheets for our trade customers. You provide us a kitchen/cabinetry/wardrobes plan and we will cut and drill the board for you which will be ready for assembly. 

Our chargers are only $125+gst per board for 16mm white gloss MDF board, which includes cutting, labeling, drilling for shelves, hinge holes, ABS edging. Overall, it will be ready to assemble with your own choice of hardware and install it for your customer.

* Minimum 5 boards for a job required and average 7 pieces for each sheet maximum for whole job. For example if your job is total 10 sheets then maximum 70 pieces are included. Extra pieces are charged at $10 per piece on top of the total sheets. Most of standard plans meet this requiremet.

Custom cabinets as per plan

We make all custom cabinets as per plan including acrylic cabinets for premium kitchens. You just bring the plan and select the material and colours. We will make your complete kitchen or cabinetry including all pannels, scribers and panels required to install the job as per your plan. Your cabinets will be fully assembled with all soft-close hardware and panels will be cut to size and you just need to pickup and install it for your customer.

You are not limited with only white colour. You may choose any colour and material and we will only charge for the extra material cost.

We will also advise you for potential improvements or design errors to enhance your design and save your time and money.

Just Bring your materials and save money!

ABS edging for board

You can bring your own board pieces and get the abs/pvc edging for only $5+gst per meter which includes 1mm white edging. If you required colour egding then either you can bring your own edge tape or pay extra for colour edge tape cost.

*Minimum 10m or $50 charges apply.  You may need to bring a small sample to test before applying edging on actual pieces.

Laser / AirTec edging

You can bring your own board pieces and get the Laser / Airtec edging for only $5+gst per meter. Laser edging is also called zero joint edging which provide perfect finish with zero joint and protect board from the moisture. You are required to bring your own edge tape or pay extra for laser edge tape cost.

*Minimum 10m or $50 charges apply.  You may need to bring a small sample to test before applying edging on actual pieces.

Other trade services

Refresh kitchens by changing doors

You can bring doors and panels to us and we can make them again in new board for you to install it back to refresh and give a new look to the kitchen for your customers.

We can also help you to match with required colour. Please note that if your job is in the colour board, other than white, and your job is less than full sheet, then you will be charged for the full sheet.

Shaker doors or custom MDF doors

Often our customers want to have plain painted doors to suit their taste or match existing cabinets or shaker style doors and they want to paint by themself to save the cost. These kitchens cost 15k to 20k. We can help you out and make kitchen or custom cabinets in custom mdf so you can save cost by painting them.

3D Kitchen Plans for your customers

We have in-house BCITO trained kitchen designer. We can make 3D plans for your Kitchen and other areas. For a standard kitchen plan, we charge only $150 fees and $50 for laundry or garage storage plans. If you get kitchen made from us then this cost will be waived later on.

Other custom work

We do all custom work for our customers which is not limited to kitchens, custom cabinets, wardrobes, benchtops, vanities, glass doors, sliding wardrobe doors, TV panels, bar, office, shop fittings, caravan fittings and many more. Please feel free to discuss your project with us.

If you are DIY and want to save money for own project?
Dont worry if you are not a registed business

Usally above services charges for tradesmen, registered companies or for our regular customers. You can still use above sevices by paying only 10% surcharge for your own projects for your own home, if you are good at installing or assembling cabinets. This is still very good saving as compared to pay thousands of dollars to have kitchens installed by a company. Please feel free to get in touch for your project. We also install/replace complete kitchens for residential and comercial customers.